Clark Braxton for President in 2008

Independent Thinking for America's Independence
"The electorate is truly disgusted with the political swamp the two parties have created all over the country.
My presidency will drain that swamp and lance that abscess that threatens our way of life." � Clark Braxton



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What's This All About?

Braxton Featured
In New Novel

Author Lewis Perdue adapts Braxton's life in Perfect Killer to expose a very serious, and very real issue facing the military.

The heart of that issue is explored by Army War College Professor Richard Gabriel (Col. U.S. Army, Retired) in a chapter written for Perdue's book.


Clark Braxton
Dec. 14, 2008
Announcing Presidential Bid

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The National Military Families Association
The Mississippi Center for Justice

They will receive all net proceeds from the sale of our bumper stickers, buttons and other campaign items.

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Clark Braxton for President, 2008

About Clark Bradford Braxton

Born in 1934 in Tonawanda New York and raised in nearby Buffalo, Clark Braxton stood out as an athlete and a scholar. He led his high school football team to a state championship and later graduated third in his class from West Point. During thirty-nine years of service in the United States Army Clark B. Braxton rose to the rank of four-star general. He retired from the Army in 1999, to become chairman of Defense Therapeutics. In December 2005, he plans to answer the call of duty to run for President of the United States as a reform independent.

This page is under construction and will be expanded when General Braxton's Presidential campaign staff is fully deployed and the campaign is operational.

Clark Braxton for President in 2008