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Author Lewis Perdue adapts Braxton's life in Perfect Killer to expose a very serious, and very real issue facing the military.

The heart of that issue is explored by Army War College Professor Richard Gabriel (Col. U.S. Army, Retired) in a chapter written for Perdue's book.


Clark Braxton
Dec. 14, 2008
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This is the blog post that Google/Blogspot censored/deleted on Saturday, Feb 4, 2006.

Official campaign blog for Clark B. Braxton, reform independent candidate for president of the United States. Saturday, February 04, 2006

Disgraceful Conduct by Muslims Shows Intolerance, Insecurity and the Great Cultural Divide

The violence by Muslims over the cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad shows the global lack of tolerance by Muslims, but even more so, it illustrates an astounding insecurity on the part of believers that their beliefs could be threatened by insensitive or clueless cartoonists, and further demonstrates that the current Islamic culture is incompatible with freedom of speech and other foundations and rights in our own culture.

The basic problem is the concept that it is blasphemous to depict any image of the Prophet. The cartoons which have caused to many problem are at the left.

I am not tarring many of the indivdual Muslim friends I have here and abroad who understand that violence and intolerance of this sort is a perversion of the the Prophet Muhammad's own beliefs.

I find it offensive in this country and others when so-called "artists" show Jesus or other symbols of Christianity soaked in urine or debased out of their hatred for the religious symbols. I find anti-Semitic expressions equally disgusting. But equally important is the freedom of expression and the right to be an insensitive asshole -- which usually points the finger back tothe originator.

Without freedom of expression, we might never have climbed out of the dark ages and certainly would never have elevated Western Civilization out from under the dictatorship and corruption of the Medieval Catholic Church.

Islam is a relatively new religion and as such is showing the same religious insecurity that Christianity demonstrated when it burned witches, and tortured heretics during the inquisition. It's a childish display by the so-called faithful, showing a basic lack of faith in the strength and endurance of Islam itself.

Sadly, this incident shows that the ability of Islamic culture as hijacked is so INarticulate it cannot rise above the level of violence and engage in a productive dialogue that can help educate the rest of the world. They never win friends this way, only more enemies.

It is a shame on Islam and exposes the depth of hatred and intolerance that has been institutionalized by demogogues, terrorists and politicians and manipulated by them for their own advancement. They are the true blasphemers who deserve the wrath of God.

posted by Clark Braxton at 2/04/2006 08:53:00 AM - DELETED BY GOOGLE/BLOGSPOT, FEB. 7, 2006

Clark Braxton for President in 2008